Teresa specializes in residential projects because she enjoys working with people on their individual, unique projects. Clientele tend to be people with an appreciation for good design and materials, yet restrained somewhat by their budget. She has designed and followed through on construction for large, complex waterfront houses, and for simple small additions. No project is insignificant.

Teresa is also an advocate of passive solar design, renewable resources, and efficient design.

Registration and Education

Teresa Todd graduated from the University of Arizona with honors in 1979 and became a registered Architect in the State of California (#C12727) in 1982. From 1982 to 1992, she had a sole-proprietorship practice in South Lake Tahoe, California. In 1992 Teresa relocated to Annapolis, Maryland where she became registered in the State of Maryland (#9337) and has continued to have a sole-proprietorship practice.

Teresa Todd – Architect offers all phases of professional practice. Projects have the attention of the professional architect from start to finish. An hourly-rate fee schedule allows for variation and flexibility in Owner-Architect relationships.


The firm produces hand-drawn architectural drawings (vs. computer generated drawings). All work is unique and custom. Teresa enjoys drawing by hand and finds it is an integral part of the creative design process. Contractors find the drawings clear and concise for construction.

Teresa provides structural analysis as an integral part of architectural services. Additionally, she will consult with professional consultants, such as Civil, Structural or Mechanical as needed, and with client consent.