March/April 2019

I was away most of March on an African Safari, which was incredible. If you tried to contact me without success, please try again. I am back in the studio now and enjoying the whispers of spring beginning to bloom and bud, and saws and nail guns gearing up!

February/March 2018

Projects are coming out the archives and entering PHASE TWO (or three).   Designing in phases is often a client need, and it makes good sense.  The construction cost can be spread out, and your needs can be re-evaluated as you go along.  It does make for more construction disruptions, and can raise the total project cost somewhat.  

May 2017

With the easy availability and user friendly architectural drawing programs now on-line, more of my clients are generating preliminary drawings for their projects.  While drawings are the means of communication in Architecture, design is the exploration of many ideas, creativity, context, and personal tastes.  In addition to drawings, I encourage my clients to provide photos and wish lists, and for them to allow me freedom to be creative.  Together we will explore several ideas and solutions to a project. 

March 2016

The Anne Arundel County department of Permits and Inspections will be adopting the 2015 Uniform Residential Code and Uniform Building Code this month.  One of the major affects to residential projects will be the fire suppression system requirements. 

January 2016

Teresa was the Chair of the New Building committee for St Margaret's Church, where we recently completed a 15,000 sf Education wing to the Church Parish Hall.  The new wing hosts 10 classrooms, a large fellowship hall, toilets, elevator, and offices for both the Day School and the Formation Program Leaders.  The project took over 3 years and involved almost 100 parishioners in various roles, plus several professionals.  Despite a wet, rainy winter, It came in less than 3% over budget and on schedule, and is a Silver LEED Certified building.  This month we were told the project is a finalist for the USGBC Wintergreen Awards for a sustainable non-profit award! 

June 2015

The architect is working again after almost a month out of the office.  The interruption was due to visitors, graduations, anniversary trip, and then an injury to my right arm.  Please call again if you didn't receive a return call.  410-626-7877   Teresa is excited about the current projects and is busy designing and drawing.  

Summer 2014

I love the smell of cut wood; it's an added bonus to site visits during the construction phase!  Seeing the projects develop and progress from a foundation, to framed, to the trades, and finally adding the finish materials, is very exciting.  Currently two waterfront houses and several smaller projects are in the construction phase.  I'll be adding new photos soon! 

Spring 2013

A contemporary-style new house in the Amberly community and several smaller additions and renovations are under construction. The drawing board is busy with many other projects in the Annapolis area, most of them hoping to break ground early fall.

Fall 2012

We have three projects under construction and several entering the construction drawing phase. In the construction drawing phase we fine tune the design and figure out the structural members, materials, window sizes, and kitchen layouts. We have a few new projects in the early design phase which provide creative work to balance the technical drawings.